Release 11.0

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    • GEM- CHECK is the digital GEM-WORK inspection that enables the technician to complete the check list digitally and take notes.
    • Order online $50/month

    • New web tool to enable you to try new catalog and get live update without downloading a new GEM-CAR version.... Move your link to "Version 2.0"
    • Partstech ( FREE web site to shop on multiple distributor with GEM-LINK )
    • Support member can assist you with configuration.

  • GEM-CARD : CREDIT CARD Integration
    • Save time, money and get a Free Terminal

  • NEW OIL CHANGE Sticker model
    • New oil change sticker with no border and better design

  • New learning approach of GEM-CAR
    • Discover all the hidden functions of your GEM-CAR available from the Point of Sale.
    • "FAQ" buttons have been added to many windows for easy access to help.

  • Promotional key chain with a bar code 
    • Use the bar code on the key chain to open the customer file

  • New design of the "Help" window from the Point of Sale
    • Better visual and more content added to the Help window.
    • New "GEMINAR" button added for easy access to our GEMINAR (Live online training sessions).

  • New design of the "Glass Module" window
    • New visual, improved management of the insurance billing, fast entry window, ...

  • New design of the "Equipment and car rental" window
    • New visual, legal notes and title customization.

  • New payment method on demand at invoicing
    • At the "Receive payment" window, you can now quickly add a new payment method by clicking an empty button. No need to cancel the payment and leave the window.

  • New general option (108) to automatically add new items to permanent inventory
    • When this option is activated, new items from the Point of Sale will be automatically added to permanent inventory without prompts.
    • A question will only be asked when the option "Inventory follow-up" is not checked for the item's category.

  • New general option (109) to activate and use colors in the calendar (Appointment scheduler)
    • Use colors to show available scheduling time in the calendar.

  • New general option (110) to switch the Engine and Cylinder values when decode a vehicle
    • You can now switch the Engine and Cylinder values when decoding vehicles.

  • New easy access to the kits/packages from the Point of Sale
    • Right-click an item on the estimate/work order to open the "Kits Management" window.
    • Plus, if the selected item is part of a kit, the kit will be selected automatically in the "Kit Management" window.


  • Improvement of the "Performance by work bay / technician report"
    • When using the punch clock, billed hours on a job are now distributed to all the technicians who worked on the job.

  • Improvement on tire sizes with decimals
    • Decimals are now accepted in tire size. Therefore you can now search tire sizes with decimals.

  • Fix added to VIN decoding of some Hyundai vehicles
    • For some Hyundai vehicles, an extra "U" was being added to the VIN number, making it impossible to decode.

  • Improvement on the "Accounts payables aging" report
    • The detailed mode of the accounts payables aging report will now display the payments in chronological order (from old to recent).

  • Fix added to shop supplies with kits/packages
    • Shop supplies (if used) will now be added to the kits/packages automatically.

  • AUTOSERV 1 integration is completed
    • One way integration as been improved

  • Punch clock windows : technician note
    • Scroll down feature was added


GEM-TEAM improved small element to make your experience better

  • Image on the Glass Repair : improved on the standard invoice.
  • Image on the Car Rental agreement : improved.
  • All report in the report section now have a fine number in the top left corner as a reference to the GEM-CAR report structure: make it easier to location the report for accurate communication.
  • 2 standard oil change sticker where added.
  • GEM-MECANIC Link from the POS is now linking to 22 technical videos to promote your services.
  • Performance Report : adjustment to the option made for a clean selection of option
  • Purchase : bug fix applied to the inventory transaction ( V 10.0.72 + to V11.0.1)

    o GEM-TEAM can run a hidden procedure to fix past transaction if there are no manual adjustments made.



With GEM-LINK, you can now update the link tool without having to wait for a new release of GEM-CAR

  • Auto-e cat (template: AMS)
    • Fix added to the automatic login and the cart transfer.

  • GEM-LINK :
New tool to enable you to try new catalog and get live update without downloading a new GEM-CAR version.... Move your link to "Version 2.0"
  • Napa Canada
  • AmsOil
  • pneususagesdepot
  • Rock Auto
  • ATD Online
  • Altrom
  • Auto Camping
  • Point S
  • OReilly
  • Kimpex
  • BestBuy
  • DPARS Inc
  • Transit
  • NetValue
  • AMS
  • Partstech ( FREE web site to shop on multiple distributor with GEM-LINK )



Click each section of the menu below to view the new features, improvements and Internet resources.


  • New button added to merge vehicles for a customer
    • You can now merge a customer's vehicles from the customer's vehicle maintenance window.

    • Integration with credit card terminal with receipts.

  • New yearly sales report for a product through the Inventory window
    • Through the Inventory window, you can quickly see the yearly sales report of a product for the last 3 years.

  • New button added to tire storage
    • Allows you to transfer a tire storage to another vehicle of the customer from the Tire storage maintenance window.

  • Direct support lines added to the help page
    • From the Point of Sale, in the help page, you will find your direct local lines to reach The Support Team.

  • New general configuration for the returns
    • You can now assign a default category for the returns.

  • New font size for the legal text on the invoices
    • You can now raise the font size of the legal text on the invoices to 12, to meet the laws in some areas. (e.g: Florida)

  • New option added to the Punch window report
    • Detailed internal work report added as an option.

  • New configuration for shop supplies
    • The cost of the shop supplies can be set to a percentage.

  • New option added to the product search results window
    • Check box added to the search results window to only show inventory items.


  • Improvement added to the account statements for administrative fees invoices
    • On the account statement a note will indicate administrative fees invoices.

  • Fix added to deposits
    • The cost of the deposits are adjusted to 0$.

  • Fix added to Option 75
    • The option 75 removes the technician's initials from the estimate or invoice when it is visualized. If we use all 50 characters available for the description, while visualizing the estimate, the last 4 characters will be removed.

  • Fix added to the account statement email message
    • The email message sent with the account statements will now be modified from the general email message configuration.

  • Improvement added to the creation of a supplier product
    • The creation of a supplier product in the purchase window has been improved.

  • Improvement added to purchase with supplier product codes
    • The creation of a purchase order with the supplier product codes has been adjusted

  • Fix added to the tax group on new purchase orders
    • New purchase orders will use the supplier’s default tax group.

  • Fix added to the items ordering sequence on the reception slips
    • The sequence of the items on the reception slip will match the same sequence of these items in the purchase window.

  • Improvement added to the cost in the price matrix
    • A validation has been added to the markup percentage on the cost in the price matrix.

  • Fix added to the appointment's confirmation by text message
    • If the appointment was in the non scheduled bay, the message would still contain the [JOB] and [DATE]. Now the description and date will be shown..

  • Fix added to the Sales report by department
    • Sales report by department will display the total of new customers.

  • Fix added to the "Aging vehicle in operation" report
    • The report will show the the total of vehicles.

  • Improvement added to the WALK-IN CUSTOMER
    • The WALK-IN CUSTOMER will not be modified from the customer management window.

  • Improvement added to inventory importation in CSV mode
    • "Automatic link" button is enabled for inventory importation in CSV mode.


    • The price and cost importation from MACPEK has been fixed

  • WHI (Dave, Nexpart, etc...)
    • The "WHI" template for Internet links (like Dave Nexpart ...) has been updated to enhance parts and labour importation



POINT OF SALE New features!



  • New core tracking system SEE FAQ
    • The prefix “C-” will be added to the original part number for the core part number.


  • New color codes in POS SEE FAQ
    • Be aware of the different status of your items with the new color codes.


  • Search by plate number SEE FAQ
    • You can now use the vehicle's "PLATE" field to search for a customer.



  • Display or hide « +App. taxes » SEE FAQ
    • Display or hide « +App. taxes » from a job's total on the invoice.


  • Deactivate CARFAX for a specific customer SEE FAQ
    • You can deactivate the CARFAX for a specific customer.


  • Alternate delivery address SEE FAQ
    • You can now display an alternate delivery address on the invoice.


  • Back invoicing with restrictions SEE FAQ
    • You can now limit how far you can back invoice.

PUNCH CLOCK New feature!

  • Visual aid for modified hours SEE FAQ
    • When a technician's hours have been modified in advisor mode, the edited line with be underlined.

INVENTORY New feature!

  • Report by line code SEE FAQ
    • You can now have inventory report by line code.


POINT OF SALE Improvement!

  • New 411 integration
    • The 411 integration is fully updated with their latest changes.